Josefa Black Movers Yi Lwa Kufikela Makumu

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Josefa Black movers yi hlule Masekolara Peace Makers hi 1-0, leswi swinga endla leswaku va ringana na xipano xa Mafuyatha FC hi mikutlunya.

Mafuyatha leyi nga ka xiyimo xa le henhla ka tafula ra ligi ra Collins Chabane promotional league stream A.

Xipano xa Josefa Black movers xina ntshembo wo hlula eku heleni ka nguva naswona murhangi wa vantlangi eka xipano xa Black movers Good the General u byerile Nthavela newspaper, leswaku ntlangu lowu a wa vona na xipano xa Masekolara a wu tika, kambe a va vona onge a va faneriwanga hi kuwu hlula.

“Ntlangu a wu tika, naswona a swinga tshembisi leswaku hinga wu hlula, hambiswiritano, hina tani hi xipano hi lwini ku kondza ntlangu wu fika emakumu,” ku vula murhangeri wa vantlangi Good the General.

“Sweswi hi languta eka ntlangu wa hina lowu landzelaka hi matimba yo fana na loko hi langutanile na ntlangu wafinal, tani hi leswi xikongomelo xa hina xo hetelela ku nga ku hlula eka ligi,” ku engetela yena.

Loko hi nwi vutisa mayelana na ntlangu wa vona lowu taka wa ligi na Mhinga Home Sweepers,u hlamurile leswaku handle ko kanakana wu ta va ntlangu wo tika.

Tani hi leswi xipano xa Mhinga Home Sweepers xi lwelaka ku pona endzhaku ka loko xi hluriwile swinene hi Mugqivela.

“Ku vula ntiyiso hi tava na ntlangu wo tika swinene na Mhinga Home Sweepers tani hi leswi va hluriweke hi xipano xa Matiyani Recreation,” ku engeta The general.

Loko General aya emahlweni u kombisa leswaku, va switiva leswaku xipano xa Home Sweepers xitalwa na hi Mahlanga tani hi leswi va lavaka ku pona xihloko xa ligi.

Mathunse Hlukani

Hlukani Mathunse is a talented journalist and media professional with a passion for storytelling and community engagement. He graduated from the University of Venda with a degree in Media Studies, where he honed his skills in writing, research, and multimedia production. During his studies, Hlukani began his career as a broadcaster at the Malamulele community radio station, where he quickly made a name for himself as a dynamic and engaging on-air personality. He developed a strong following among local listeners, who appreciated his thoughtful reporting and insightful commentary on a wide range of topics. In 2023 March, Hlukani joined the team at Nthavela newspaper as a journalist, where he has continued to excel in his craft. He has covered a diverse range of stories, from local politics and social issues to arts and culture. Throughout his career, Hlukani has demonstrated a deep commitment to serving his community and giving a voice to the voiceless. He is widely respected for his professionalism, integrity, and dedication to journalistic excellence, and is considered one of the rising stars in South African media.

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