Breaking News: Wansati U Khomiwile Hi Ku Dlaya Nuna eLimpopo.

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Maphorisa ya tiyisisile leswaku wansati wa makume mbirhi wa malembe (20) hi vukhale wo huma eLimpopo u khomiwile hi swihehlo swa mayelana na rifu ra nuna wa yena wa makume mbirhi ntlhanu wa malembe (25) hi vukhale.

Mhangu leyi yi humelerile epurasini ra le Mookgophong, naswona ku tshembiwa leswaku mhangu leyi yi humelerile endzhaku ka kuvholova exikarhi ka vatekani lava vambirhi.

Ku vikiwa leswaku ku holova kuve kona endzhaku ka loko wansati a hehlile nuna wa yena hi ku pfumala vutshembeki evukatini bya vona.

Maphorisa ya paluxa leswaku Wansati u tlavile nuna wakwe ku kondza a hundza emisaveni.

Mathunse Hlukani

Hlukani Mathunse is a talented journalist and media professional with a passion for storytelling and community engagement. He graduated from the University of Venda with a degree in Media Studies, where he honed his skills in writing, research, and multimedia production. During his studies, Hlukani began his career as a broadcaster at the Malamulele community radio station, where he quickly made a name for himself as a dynamic and engaging on-air personality. He developed a strong following among local listeners, who appreciated his thoughtful reporting and insightful commentary on a wide range of topics. In 2023 March, Hlukani joined the team at Nthavela newspaper as a journalist, where he has continued to excel in his craft. He has covered a diverse range of stories, from local politics and social issues to arts and culture. Throughout his career, Hlukani has demonstrated a deep commitment to serving his community and giving a voice to the voiceless. He is widely respected for his professionalism, integrity, and dedication to journalistic excellence, and is considered one of the rising stars in South African media.

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